Almost How to Make an Archery Target

Our previous target was about a foot of foam about 2′ x 3′ on the face with a few circles drawn on it for scoring. We were shooting from about 20 metres away and it was getting hit pretty hard, so hard in fact that arrows started just penetrating through the target. On my last set of 5 arrows, 4 of them completely penetrated and the last one I slightly aimed to the side so it would hit a non-penetrating spot (only 2 points though :().

So we needed a new target. And more specifically a new design that would last more than half the summer. Something that would be able to stop high powered arrows from compound bows and fill in the holes after as to not deteriorate too quickly.

So we went with a tire with a foam front to draw on some circles for scoring. It’s also easily replaceable and won’t have chunks taken out of it like the previous foam did. (so far the holes have partially filled in given time)

Took it out for a spin and set myself up to practice. Let’s just say it didn’t go so well. Pictures will explain the aftermath, but what happened was that the arrow hit the inside edge of the tire and very rapidly changed the course of the arrow. To the point where the rest of the arrow didn’t follow exactly.


So that’s what a bent aluminum arrow looks like.